Cabinet Refinishing

Renew your kitchen today

Cabinet refinishing is a less intrusive procedure than completely replacing them. Our clients are able to use their kitchen every day after our daily work is complete. Because the cabinet boxes remain in their existing locations, the aesthetic work can be done fairly quickly without a lot of mess.Our professionals crew will come to your home, remove all your doors and drawer fronts and any other components that can be disassembled and take them to our shop. There we give them a complete cleaning, and fill and repair any damages and wear.  After a full sand and inspection, they are brought to our state of the art spray booths and finished with a factory quality, premium satin lacquer.  Our finish is stain/chemical resistant and guaranteed not to chip, scratch or peel under normal kitchen use.This is a great option for home owners who are satisfied with the footprint of the kitchen cabinetry but are looking for a face-lift, or for a time and cost effective method of modernizing a kitchen for resale value

To make your Kitchen makeover complete, we also offer a complete range of services including:

-Crown moulding installation/modification,

-Beadboard or Panel replacement,

-Backsplash installation

-Hardware exchange

-Cabinet relocation or customization

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